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Latest: Matrix India invests in Meditrina - Tuesday, 03 September 2013 00:00
Latest: Geriatric Camp from 4th to 7th September 2013 - Tuesday, 03 September 2013 00:00
Latest: Award for Dr. Prathap Kumar - Saturday, 19 January 2013 00:00

News Updates

Geriatric Camp from 4th to 7th September 2013

It has been decided to conduct a Geriatric Camp from 4th to 7th September 2013 in association with Malaya....


Matrix India invests in Meditrina

Matrix Partners India today announced....


Award for Dr. Prathap Kumar

Dr. Prathap Kumar, Managing Director of Meditrina Hospital was honored by giving an award for Best Interv....


About Us

Beginning a new age in the world of medical field, Meditrina Hospital, the second venture of Meditrina Group, Is being launched at pattom, Thiruvananthapuram. The initial Endeavour, meditrina Cardiac centre has already Positioned in the history of Kerala in the opening year itself through the highest Number of Angioplasties performed. And it is functioning successfully in conjunction With a solid commitment for public welfare and no attention to monetary benefit.

Meditrina Group now initiates its second project at Thiruvananthapuram Amongst more than a dozen of specialty hospitals. Meditrina Hospital stands Apart by bringing together world class medical facilities, highly qualified, Nationally and internationally experienced doctors with Social commitment ensuring affordable cost of treatment. Creating this rare combination in the field of medicine, The new venture looks forward to meet the highest possible Standards of efficiency and ensures the best Treatment in India. And we proudly initiates coronary Angioplasty perfected with The use of Intra Vascular Ultra Sound and Fractional Flow-Wire, This is rarely done even in the major institutions. Holding a high Standard of medical ethics, Meditrina Hospital assures its services to be made available Equitably on the basis of need.

Our Hospitals:

Meditrina Hospital - Pattom, Trivandrum.
Meditrina Superspeciality Hospital - Ayathil, Kollam.
Meditrina Hospital, Jamshedpur.

Our Cardiac Centres:

Meditrina Cardiac Centre - St. Thomas Hospital, Changanassery.
Meditrina Cardiac Centre - Supraja Hospital, Hydrabad.
Meditrina Cardiac Centre - Hi-Tech Medical College & Hospital, Bhuvaneswar.

Launching Project:

Meditrina Super Speciality Hospital - Ayathil, Kollam.

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Contact Us

: TC 2 / 2367-1, Pattom,
Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala - 695004
: 0471- 3063000